Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend for Three

Erin is off to Chicago for the weekend and I'm home with the kids all by myself, so I figured I'd utilize this blog to schedule out my weekend. Then I can let you all now how it went afterward. I definitely don't expect it to go as planned, but here's what I'm hoping to do [note: I started this Saturday morning, but I'm not posting it until Saturday night, but I'm not changing the content]:

Saturday (after Erin leaves):

  • morning: run errands. Go rent a DVD for "Sushi and a Movie" night with Lyla. Grab some needed groceries
  • noon: if home in time for lunch, great. If not, stop at a restaurant. I already remembered to pack Quinn's food!
  • Naptime
  • late afternoon: go to the park. Might have company for this. A few people may be available for a visit.
  • evening: dinner for Quinn then put him down and it's time for "Sushi and a Movie" with Lyla.
  • Put Lyla to bed and take care of some kitchen stuff that needs to be done, like repacking chicken breasts for freezing and hard boiling some eggs for the kids.
  • Pray the kids sleep through the night.

  • morning: pray the kids have slept through the night.
  • late morning: either brunch at Igloo or trip to Target.
  • Naptime
  • late afternoon: Beer Garden with Michelle and Becker and maybe Beth. Probably have dinner there or order in at home.
  • evening: put kids to bed.
  • make test cake for Lyla's birthday.
  • pray kids sleep through the night.

  • morning: pray the kids have slept through the night.
  • later morning: while Quinn naps, go around back and fill up the little pool for later in the day.
  • late morning: not sure. Maybe go to the playground across the street for a little bit.
  • afternoon: lunch and then Quinn has an evaluation for speech therapy. He makes a lot of pterodactyl type noises, but isn't saying any words yet. It's all part of his low muscle tone, but that's a blog for another day.
  • naptime!
  • go to the backyard/cement square and play in the pool, water the plants, have Quinn's OT come there for his session.
  • Erin should be home by dinner!
That's the plan. I'll try to let you know how it went on Monday or Tuesday night...

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