Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Flew By...

I know I've been a bit of a slacker at posting, but I put the April photo gallery up last week over there on the left. Lyla had her 21 month doctor's appointment last week. We didn't get percentiles this time, but she was 29 lbs 7 ounces and 35 3/4". I forget what her head circumference was, but people just seem to think it's weird when I mention that anyway.

Erin asked the doctor when kids are supposed to know their colors. The doctor checked his chart and said "one color at three years old and all of them at three and a half". Lyla has had them all down for a little while now. The doctor then told us that he could tell she was clearly the smartest child in the world and was destined to be the ruler of at least four continents, if not the world. I'm hoping for Australia. (ok, the doctor said she was clearly advanced and not any of that other stuff, but I need to think about my retirement plan.)

Lyla has had a busy couple of months! She made the move from the nursery to her "big girl room", which she refers to as "pink". Despite some early sleeping issues, she seems to have adjusted and is now sleeping happily through the night (for the moment). She is also helping to make changes to the nursery for her baby brother. She seems to be handling the concept of a baby brother very well, but we'll see what happens when the concept becomes a reality...

In the beginning of April, we went to Wisconsin for a long weekend, since we won't be able to make our usual Summer trip due to the impending arrival of Pidge. Luckily, Ryan, Erin, Keira and Will were able to come to Oshkosh, too. Watching the kids playing together is amazingly fun for everyone. Grandpa Frank and Grandma Jane were excellent hosts as always and babysat for the grandkids while the parents went to dinner and a show (ok, it was a high school show by Ryan and Erin's alma mater, but a show nonetheless!)

The holidays have been rolling through, too. Lyla got her St. Patty's Day pot of gold, brought to her by her little leprechaun friend. Then she had a little hamantaschen (triangular cookie) for Purim. April brought Passover and our traditional Seder with some family and some of Erin's past and present students.

I'll really try to post sooner next time!