Friday, February 19, 2010

Back by Popular Demand!

I've neglected The Rock for too long it would seem and the outrage has been singular (namely from my brother). So, to keep you upon the Black Family's activities, I've put December and January up in one gallery.

The quick update is that Quinn is walking around a little more when supported, but still not on his own. He also just started speech and feeding therapy (that makes three therapies... oy!). He LOVES his Music for Aardvarks class and just about anything else having to do with music. On the other hand, he's not a big fan of snow.

Lyla is still having a great time in her dance classes and at pre-school. She spends a lot of time in our "Art Center" and has made many valentines and other artistic masterpieces.

We currently are having a couple weeks of grandmother mania. Erin is doing some work for NYU, so our mom's have agreed to help out with the kids. Grandma Jane is in right now and about to head back to Wisconsin. Next week, Mima comes over to put in her time with the little ones.

Lyla and Quinn will be making a visit to the mikvah next week to have their official conversion to Judaism and then on Saturday, they'll receive their Hebrew names at our synagogue.

I should have made a New Year's resolution to fill in the blog more, but I guess I missed that boat. Oh well! ;-)