Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter Wonderfun

I rushed the last post, so I'm actually adding on the next day. This is speed of light blogging for me, I know.

Yesterday's snow caused enough slushy mess on the sidewalks that I stayed home from work instead of trudging through the snow with a stroller. We had a great time in the snow and walking around the neighborhood a bit. Lyla has definitely become more comfortable with the snow since our visit to Wisconsin in December.

I mentioned before that Lyla went potty for the first time right before the new year and she has continued to go sporadically since then. She's decided to train herself, it would seem. We're not getting rid of her diapers yet, but it's a great start.

Thanks for the comments I've gotten concerning dead links. I think I've got them all taken care of, but if you catch any let me know.

Also, for those of you who can't figure out how to leave a comment, just click the comment link, then type in your message, copy the code that is presented to you and when you get to the buttons at the bottom, choose Name/URL. Type in your name and you don't need to bother with the URL, then you should be able to submit your comment. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lyla and Website Updates

Lyla Gets to Work!

Lyla's 18 month doctor's appointment on 2/12/08 (a little late) had her measuring in at 34 1/2" (95th percentile), weighed 26lbs. 10 oz (75th percentile) and a head circumference of 48 1/2cm (95th percentile). The last month has involved a lot of house rejiggering as we get ready for Pidge's arrival. First, we emptied out our work room and moved much of it into the garage, which will become a work space. The we had the room painted a lovely shade of pink. We were never particularly fans of stereotypically using pink for a girl, but we've avoided it as much as we can and Lyla loves it, so there ya go. We put in Lyla's big girl bed and toy box and should have her dresser setup this weekend. Her mattresses (there's a trundle underneath in case she needs room for company) come in tomorrow. Erin's friend Kieron is going to visit and will have a chance to break in the room and then we'll start moving Lyla from the nursery over and then start switching the nursery from girl-y to boy-ee.

As a note, we are not actually naming our next child Pidge, however it is a Slattery family nickname (ok, used once maybe, we're not sure) and we're using it as a placeholder for now. We might keep using it later if we want to torture the boy.

We are still accepting name recommendations. Erin has shot down my following choices, so don't bother suggesting:

Ace Axel Bodog Clint Ferris Iago Jack King Lord Moss Oz Prince Rex Rock Sky Wiley

Well, our warm and cuddly, super friendly and generous website hoster Chris Pepper moved his server, so you may have noticed some dead links and such over the last few days. You might still notice some, so if you do, please let me know and I'll fix them up when I have a chance.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


YEEHA! Tons of love from Lyla and her parents.