Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wildlife Conservation Membership Has its Privileges

After Lyla determined she wanted to go to the zoo one fine Saturday morning, we packed up and headed out to the Central Park Zoo. While we were there, we decided to join the Wildlife Conservation Society. As members, we can get unlimited admission to New York zoos and the Aquarium. (and other discounts) So the next weekend, we went to the zoo again. Then the next weekend, we went to the aquarium. We're hooked!

Lyla loved the polar bears the first weekend and the next weekend had a great time in the petting zoo the next weekend, but was more interested in monkeys than polar bears. The aquarium was new and different and Lyla was very excited and loved running from one exhibit to another and look at the animals... until the Baby Walrus, suddenly and without warning descended from the top of the tank right in front of Lyla's face. Her fear and shock were, dare I say it, hysterical. Of course her mamma and daddy were there to comfort her, but we couldn't help laughing... a lot. After that, unfortunately, Lyla wasn't as interested in any of the bigger animals, like the seals, and pretty much stayed away from the large tanks. Small fish were fine, but really, she began to prefer the pictures on the wall over the animals in the small tanks.

When not at the zoo and the aquarium, we like to go out for brunch, have guests named Kate visit (only 2 this month) and hang out in the park.

The May photo album is now complete and I'll start working on June... which will definitely include the first pictures of the newest Black baby! He's currently scheduled to appear on June 12th, but if it's sooner, we'll let you know!

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