Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big Time Talker

At Lyla's recent doctor's appointment, the doctor asked how many words Lyla can say. We said about "a ton... about a half a million". The doctor then asked if she said more than 10 words. We assured him that she does. Later, Erin decided to count up how many words she actually has in her vocabulary. The tally came to over 50!! She also loves to pick up the phone and say, "hello". I'm dead when she's a teenager.

I wanted to take this chance to point out that those of you who read this blog are no longer mere recipients of Lyla's life. You can be an active part by posting comments! Click the "comments" link below each blog post and type away!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the Halloween pictures. I adore my little 2nd cousin (Actually 1st cousin once removed-s Irish folk keep track of that stuff!) My question is: No Thanksgiving pics??
This child is cuter than cute! (glad you are done with the latex balloon pictures..... soooooo dangerous!!) Love and kisses, Robyn