Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Holiday Fun

As the holidays roll on, we took Lyla to a couple of holiday parties Friday. The first was at Uncle Arthur's office. Lyla had fun playing with the other kids there and showing Uncle Arthur how to revise his fiscal strategies to increase returns on investments. She also liked drawing with crayons and having a snack.

After partying in mid-town, we headed downtown for dinner. Lyla enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich at Soup N' Burger. Dinner became a stalling tactic between parties before we headed down to the Muppet Workshop for their holiday party.

Lyla quickly discovered where her muppet friends were hanging out. She was thrilled to spend some time exchanging hugs, kisses and tickles with Ernie, Telly and Oscar (or Grouch as she calls him). Within a couple of hours, Lyla was a pro, showing everyone where the muppets were. She was a little disappointed she didn't get to meet Elmo, but was thrilled to celebrate with the muppets in attendance.

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