Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Recap

I just got the September Gallery up, so you can see what we were doing while summer was ending and the cooler weather was beginning to set in. Quinn had a doctor's appointment mid-month and measured in at 24" and 13lbs 6.6oz, which puts him in the 25th percentile for both. He's been having some eating issues that we're trying to work through, but it causes for some lack of sleep.

We are now serving him the most expensive formula, which must be derived from caviar, lobster tails and kobe beef. He seems to be doing a bit better now, so hopefully he'll outgrow whatever was causing nights of fussiness and we can put him on regular formula.

Lyla had some sleeping issues of her own as we had a hectic travel schedule and she didn't get to sleep in her own bed for a little bit. We went to Boston for cousin Trevor's Bar Mitzvah and after a quick stop at home, headed out to Wisconsin for cousin Kai's wedding. Now we're back and trying to get everyone settled back into a routine, so hopefully, one day, everyone can sleep through the night.

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